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The Call: Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose of Your Life
by Os Guinness

In this best-selling classic, Os Guinness invites you to explore the ultimate answer to identity, meaning, and purpose. The Call speaks to the longing in every human heart and answers -- You were created with a purpose.

This book is for all, seekers and believers, who long to find and fulfill the purpose of their lives. Have you found “the ultimate why” for your life? Will you respond to the call?

Published by W Publishing Group, a Division of Thomas Nelson, Inc.

What They are saying about Shrewd and Innocent

“This is a highly thought-provoking, challenging, and compelling book. It is profoundly important for people of faith and all those seeking meaning in their lives.”
—Ralph S. Larsen, former chairman and CEO, Johnson & Johnson

“This book is for anyone who hungers for a clear sense of purpose and meaning in life and who is courageous enough to pursue his or her calling, no matter what the cost.”
—Peggy Wehmeyer, former correspondent, ABC News

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