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Shrewd and Innocent: A Heart for Godliness in Ethics and Business
by Steve Collier

A feast for thought, conversation and study, Shrewd and Innocent investigates the world of business in a practical and profound way. Exploring the moral and ethical implications inherent in business—sales and marketing, risk and reward, greed and wealth, competition, employee relations, and others—Collier builds on an emerging theology of work for the spiritually inclined, yet without preaching to those first examining the world of Godliness.

Detach business from Godliness and the foundations for ethical principles crumble. Detach God from business, what a majority of people do five days a week, and our work loses meaning.

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What They are saying about Shrewd and Innocent

“Steve Collier’s new book, Shrewd & Innocent, takes solid biblical principles and brings them to life using real-world issues faced by many of us each day at work. The stories and practical examples about such topics as employer-employee relations, debt, insurance and other financial issues hit most of us right where we live. I highly recommend it to those who are wrestling with how they can really apply their faith Monday through Friday.”
—Mark McClain, CEO / Founder SailPoint (Innovative Software Solutions), Austin, Texas

“It is great to have this subject discussed from the practical viewpoint of a player, and not just a clergy-coach on the sidelines. The use of work and career as a ‘calling’ is key – it’s about attitude and character and less about the do’s and don’ts. I would suggest Shrewd & Innocent to businessmen and women, students of theology and ethics, and especially to people employed by or owning businesses.”
—Bob Doll, Chief Equity Strategist / BlackRock Investments, New York, New York

“Shrewd & Innocent, will cause a transformation in how you think about your work. I have known Steve for over 30 years as a wise, Godly man, a loving caring shepherd, and a very trustworthy and faithful friend. This book is a chance to learn from a seasoned businessman who has walked with God as he has conducted his business with integrity.”
—Thad Gilliam, Principal / Partner GW Design Group, Atlanta Georgia

“Collier's Shrewd and Innocent is a book for our time. As modern men and women continue to see their work as their measure of value and significance, it is time for a voice of reason to give us proper biblical balance. Proclaiming the gospel through the excellence a person brings to their work is the basis for credibility in all verbalized expression of the gospel. For fresh insight into an ancient idea, I would highly recommend Shrewd and Innocent.”
—Rob Harrell, Senior Pastor, FEFC, Austin, Texas,
Chairman EFCA Board of Directors

“Shrewd and Innocent is not another prescription for running a “Christian business.” Rather, using scripture as his guide, Steve Collier has given us a realistic, practical and encouraging description of what work is like when we truly follow Jesus in the calling of our daily work. This book is changing the way I think about what I do every day.”
—Rick Archer, FAIA, Founding Principal,
Overland Partners / Architects, San Antonio, Texas

“Into an era in which American business has apparently lost its bearings, Steve Collier speaks a much-needed message of sanity. This is a book that reminds us of who we are, the nature of the world we live in, what we were created to do, and how remembering this should influence all our business.”
—Greg Grooms, formerly with Francis Schaeffer and L’Abri Switzerland,
currently with Hill House Christian Study Center, University of Texas at Austin

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